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Mobile phones have made their way up the list of necessity products instead of previous tag of luxury products. The reliance on the mobile phones for various purposes is increasing with the passage of time. Today owing to super phones and smart phones, the world has come to the palms of the users of such mobile phones. All the vital and necessary activities like banking, payments, emailing, staying connected to social networks, gaming, multimedia applications etc. are all available in the present day mobile phones. The ease of access to the tasks which consume a lot of time when done individually has allowed the users to utilize their time in a more productive manner or allow themselves to enjoy leisure time which is rightfully earned by working tirelessly to make the ends meet.

The smart phones and super phones are the dominant sector for the mobile handset businesses. The launch of new generation phones and the utility features they exhibit and offer entice the modern day people to purchase these phones and use them. To make the experience more memorable and increasing the levels of comforts, various mobile phone accessories are available in the market. Some accessories are manufactured by the company itself while many accessory manufacturing companies are also found freestanding in the competitive markets with vivid products offering various value added features and services to the users. The majorly used accessories are travel chargers, Bluetooth headsets; wired headsets, wireless speakers, flip cases etc. Some of the accessories are customised for individual phones. For instance, flip cases are designed for each and every phone on a customized to phone basis.

The extensive use of mobile phones has led to the opening of avenues which provide business opportunities for mobile phone repairs. Mobile phones are electronic products and thus are prone to wear and tear depending on the usage and manner in which the users maintain their phones. The excessive dependence on the mobile phones has made it impossible for the masses to operate an underperforming mobile phone and thus, instead of going for a new purchase the individuals opt for repairing the existing unit. The most common problems faced by mobile phone users are microphone voice levels, damage to the speakers, moisture entering the circuit, charging slot mal-function, excessive lagging or handing of the device software etc. The repair shops provide quality service to retain the customers and provide tips to keep distance from similar mishaps in the future.

Apple iPhones are still a dominant name in terms of super phones. The pioneers to the touch revolution and still the best in class for the same, Iphones are still the owner’s delight. The patented products and services make it difficult for Iphone users to meet the excessive costs of repairs at the company service centres. However, with the value and status quo attached to the unit, the costs appear miniscule. The products used as replacements are also original in nature and strictly maintained as per company standards as Apple is well known for strict quality control. To get iphone 5 screen repair done, the customer can order for a do it yourself kit online or at the apple store or simply submit the phone at the apple store and let the experts do the job.

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